Pig Detection

Pig detection is essential for operators performing critical operations such as cleaning and inspection programmes. A pig is placed into the pipeline and travels through the pipework, sweeping and scraping the sides and pushing debris ahead.

The Isensys Pig Detection System provides reliable non-invasive acoustic monitoring, that ensures the pig has been launched, travelled safely around the pipework and received successfully after the process.

Acoustic Pig Detection works by monitoring the friction between the pig and the pipe wall, which generates a noise within the ultrasonic frequency of the sensor. This noise level generated by the passing pig is significant compared to other background noises. The large increase in noise signifies the pig has travelled through the pig detection system and provides an alarm that communicates the pig's passing to a PLC, providing a time and location of the pig.

Isensys Pig Detection Products

Pig Detector - Pulsar Guard 2011G

Pulsar Guard 2011G sensor for pig detection

Example of a pig detection graph

DIN rail signal conditioner with Galvanic isolation and 24Vdc power supply by Isensys

Pig Detection Installation