Sand Monitoring and Management

Oil and gas well operators know how important it is to maintain production at optimum levels, and an important part of that optimisation is a clear and accurate measurement of solids production.

Solids and Sand production in oil and gas wells is a growing problem for oil and gas producers. As the well ages there is a tendency to produce more solids through well degradation. The challenge is not only to avoid solids/sand production but to optimise well productivity as even small quantities of solids particles in the well flow can cause significant pipe or valve damage.

When solids are produced from a reservoir, production rate is reduced and maintenance costs go up. It also represents an environmental risk in the disposal of the solids. Produced solids/sand can never be ignored, and any well producing from an unconsolidated reservoir needs to have some sort of sand monitoring system in place, preferably monitoring in real-time.

Isensys Sand Management Products

Sand/Particle Monitor - SandAlert

Sand/Particle Sensor - Pulsar Guard 2001

Portable Sand Monitoring System - SandAlert Portable

Isensys Desert SandAlert Installation

Isensys Offshore Sand in Oil

Isensys Nodding Donkey Installation